Order Beautiful Flowers In Ottawa From Glas' Florist Ltd.

Glas' Florist Ltd. in Ottawa, ON provides flower delivery service to the following areas and zip codes in Ontario:
Our shop serves the following areas: Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Stittsville, Barrhaven, Manotick, Rockliffe Park, Vanier, Orleans, Gloucester, Gatineau, Hull, and Aylmer Quebec

K1A 1E1, K1G 4T5, K1G 3S7, K1T 4H5, K2C 3L1, K2C 1K5, K1Z 6E8, K1Z 5K7, K1P 5A3, K2H 8A2, K1H 7T8, K1N 6H9, K1V 6Z4, K1S 3K5, K2P 0Y6, K1R 7T1, K2B 7Z2, K1Z 0B3, K1Z 5E4, K1Z 5E6, K1H 5E6, K1V 0H5, K1K 4P3, K1Z 6A9, K1Y 2K1, K2A 2W9, K2A 1G3, K1G 1G5, K2P 1S7, K2A 3P7, K1Y 2M7, K1H 7G5, K1R 7H8, K2B 7V6, K2P 0T5, K2C 2L8, K1B 4L8, K1S 2E8, K2P 2E9, K1Z 7W8, K1Z 7L6, K1K 3R4, K1S 3V6, K1V 0M8, K1H 7V1, K1G 0A5, K1S 3J1, K2A 0M5, K1G 2Y3, K1Z 7V4, K1N 8Z7, K2A 3E3, K2A 1T6, K1K 1B1, K1N 6S9, K1S 4E4, K1H 5X2, K1N 1K6, K1H 5S2, K2A 3C8, K1G 5T3, K2B 6A9, K1Z 8P9, K1V 6P8, K2B 6R4, K1V 7B7, K1V 7K1, K1N 5V2, K1P 1H4, K1V 8P2, K1S 0R8, K1S 0Y2, K1G 2G3, K2B 7J1, K2C 4J6, K2B 5R9, K1S 5L5, K1K 2T6, K2A 3W1, K1H 5N7, K1T 2A9, K1G 3L9, K1K 0L3, K2B 6C2, K2P 1Y3, K1T 3Y6, K1R 6E3, K1Y 1E6, K2A 0W8, K2B 5B5, K1M 1P9, K1H 5M4, K2C 1N6, K1A 0L9, K1G 4Y7, K1K 4S7, K1K 0R7, K2P 1Y7, K1V 7C9, K1N 9M7

Glas' Florist Ltd.

1300 Carling Avenue

Ottawa, ON K1Z 7L2